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Be Yourself  

Branding, 2017

Be Yourself is a nonprofit organization with a mission to appeal to women to reconsider the definition of beauty, success, significance and break the female stereotypes. The name is aimed to encourage women to be who they are, who they want to be and establish their self worth.

Based on the theme, I decided the logo to be written in striking and robust handwriting company with a red brushstroke. Every single brushstroke is a promise and also a resolution to be who you are. To complete the identity system, I also designed the poster, motion poster, banner, website, app, shooting the promotional video and copywriting.

Be Yourself 是一个妇女非营利公益组织,旨在帮助女性重新思考和定义她们的价值和意义,打破基于女性自己的性别偏见,引导女性追寻她们真正想要的东西,成为独一无二的自己。 


品牌关注的是现代女性独特的自我表达,所以我选择的设计语言是摩登,且充满力量感的。 在Logo上,我选用了手写的标语加上鲜红的笔触,组成了醒目的标识系统。在网站主页,每加入一个新用户,主页上就会多一个笔触。每一个笔触都是一个协议,一句誓言,也是一种“成为自己”的决心。

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