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Memory Coordinates

Essay & Interface & Installation, 2017

This is a thesis-related project, including a 300 words essay, a physical object and an interface for the system. The object was finally presented as an installation in the exhibition Microstructure.

Online Exhibition: http://intentionalmicrostructures.com/

这是一个基于毕业论题的设计项目,包含了一篇三百字的文章,一个小型装置,和操作系统的页面设计。装置最终作为展品在 Intentional Microstructure 群展展出。

展览详情: http://intentionalmicrostructures.com/

What if
memory could be accessed
through layered classifications?

Memory in this generation is practically unthinkable without digitization. Digitalization broadens the width of memory and drives the emergence of computer-based memory. Biologically, recalling an accurate memory is profoundly unstable for human beings, so we instinctively seek for intact preservation. When archive becomes the representation of our identities, exemplification of our experiences and motivation for our social intercourses, what we as designers can do for human memory? When we are floating on the information stream and cannot catch up to anything, is it possible to develop a hierarchy, process or system for people to deal with memory overload based on their personal preferences? Can we propose a more useful, long-lasting and meaningful form of remembering?

Imagine memories converted to layers with multidimensional coordinates as a way of accessing them. With the data provided by cloud platforms, memories can be precisely sorted, categorized and organized by layers. To be more specific, the layers could be classified by traditional five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch; and also can be presented in the order of importance, familiarity and frequency of recalling.

Each recall is also a reconstruction, which provides people new coordinates and orientations for their perceptions, expressions and reflections. Within Memory Coordinates, people can not only see the connections and connotations between the present and the past but establish new relations between unrelated memories. Memory Coordinates is also a representation of how Individual memory constitute collective memory. From thousands of individual coordinates, people can easily see the pattern of cultural evolution, historical transition and social movement, find the community they belong to based on similar memories, and position themselves in a different way. In this way, memory coordinates do not simplify human memory but present new perspectives to see the past.

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